• High tech, human touch. That is the University of Twente (UT). Some 3300 scientists and other professionals working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real-world relevance and inspiring education for more than 9600 students. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the D³ project, two groups at the UT are part of the research team. Specifically, the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) group at the Faculty of Eletrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS); and the Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems (IEBIS) group at the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS).

  • SURFnet bv ( is the National Research and Education Network operator for The Netherlands. SURFnet provides high quality, high bandwidth network services to the higher education, research institutions, academic and teaching hospitals and various related organisations.

  • Logius ( is a service of the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties (Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs) in charge of ICT services. Logius is a service provider for governmental agencies and organisations in the public sector. Examples of the services provided by Logius are DigiD, DigiPoort, eHerkenning and MijnOverheid, that is the toolset for authentication and data handling for the communication between Dutch citizens and the governmental institutions and between governmental institutions.